Charlie’s Cues: Using the All About Me Cards

Independence, perseverance, attention to detail, and taking interest in a variety of tasks are some of the lessons that we want to teach children from an early age. We can do this through modeling behaviors, reading books, observing images, and last but not least, through experience.

FunShine Express makes this process easier for you by including All About Me Cards as part of the bimonthly toddler curriculum kit, Buttercups. The All About Me Cards is a series of cards featuring real images included in the Teacher Pack. Through these images, children observe peers performing daily tasks and activities that relate to the monthly themes. The cards usually focus on tasks children can help with, feelings they experience, wonderful things their bodies can do, and exploring the world with their bodies and senses.

Benefits of Using the All About Me Cards in Your Setting

The use of real photos helps children to understand processes. The use of familiar imagery helps children identify what is happening in a card and compare it with what happens in their real environment. The All About Me Cards intentionally include diversity, different abilities, and physical characteristics, making it easy to talk about inclusion and equality.

Cues for Including the All About Me Cards in Your Daily Routine

  1. Create an All About Me station. Stick the cards to the wall and props where the children can freely practice what they see children on the cards doing. Rotate the cards in the station throughout the school year.
  2. Use the cards to help children acquire new vocabulary. Start by using simple words and a short sentence to describe the actions on the cards and continue to add complex words as children show understanding of those words and are ready to learn new ones.
  3. You can also use the pictures on the cards to reinforce positive behaviors or feelings. The cards give children the opportunity to learn about other things that their bodies can do, their own ways of helping, or sharing other emotions they might feel.

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