Charlie’s Cues: Using the Counting Cards

We are exposed to math concepts from the time we are born and this continues as we grow. We learn how and when to communicate when we are “all done,” and how to ask for more when there is a little bit of food left. Through transitions, we begin to learn the concept of time, and then we continue to learn math concepts through stories, rhymes, and songs. As teachers and caregivers, we also make math part of the children’s day by counting toys when cleaning up, counting the days of the week on the calendar, or when we celebrate birthdays together. Math is everywhere!

The Fireflies preschool curriculum includes Counting Cards that facilitate the process of teaching children to count and quantify. During the month of December, preschoolers will participate in different activities where they will learn to count and identify the numbers 9 and 10. On one side, the Counting Cards show shaded squares to teach a certain quantity and on the other side, they show the same number with colorful and theme-related images. The Counting Cards are also used along with the Math Counters (included in the Starter Pack) to facilitate the learning process, practice one-to-one correspondence, and provide a mathematical experience with concrete materials.

Benefits of Using the Counting Cards in Your Setting

Teaching numbers and counting practice are the foundation children need to learn other math concepts in the future. Keeping children focused and entertained at the same time during math activities will facilitate the way they learn and solve math problems.

Cues for Including the Counting Cards in Your Daily Routine

  1. Use the Counting Cards and Math Counters as a pretend board game where children are encouraged to participate and create. They would love to come up with the rules!
  2. Make children’s play and daily routines a math experience. Count how many steps it takes to move from one area to another, count the pictures on a book page, or count how many times children clap while singing a song.
  3. Invite children to use the Counting Cards to find and count items around the room. They may be interested in finding small toys that match the items on the cards.

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