Cooking with Kids

Imagine having your teaching setting filled with delicious scents and seeing your children willingly dig into healthy foods. How can you make this happen? One of the best ways is to offer healthy cooking experiences. Whether you work in family care, a child care facility, or even a public school, there are many ways you can make cooking a part of your day.

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Storytime Spotlight: Over in the Meadow

♫“Over in the meadow in the sand in the sun, lived a bumpy mother toad and her little toadie one.”♫

Have you ever picked up a book and been captivated by the rhythm of the language? How about really unique illustrations? If not, you’re in for a treat with our June Fireflies Book of the Month, Over in the Meadow. Published by Barefoot Books, Over in the Meadow was a NAPPA Honors winner in 2011.

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The Building Blocks of Reading and Writing

by Kelley Jilek

Child with the bookSchool for kids of all ages is just around the corner (or may have already started for some parts of the country)! Preschool is an exciting time for young kiddos. Along with the fun of meeting new friends comes the task of learning many new things. Reading and writing are core subjects that will build a strong foundation for learning for your child. You can help build that foundation with the following tips.

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Building Vocabulary

by Judy Mullican

On April 14, 1828, Noah Webster copyrighted his first dictionary. Think what a wonderful vocabulary Webster must have had in order to create this work!With that in mind, this is a great time to think about the importance of building vocabulary in young children. The more words children know, the easier it is for them to understand their world. So what are some good ways to help children learn new words?

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