FunShine Express® is America’s Preschool Partner!   We are dedicated to providing high quality materials to help young children grow, learn, and prepare for school.

We specialize in publishing and creating curriculum kits for children 5 and younger. See our website www.funshineexpress.com for more information. We simplify your day by providing kits that have thorough, flexible, and easy to use lesson plans, along with many classroom and art project materials.

Fireflies Kit ImageButtercups Kit Image

New in 2014, we launched FunShine Online®, our online curriculum planning program. Find out more about this internet based tool at www.funshineonline.com

FSO calendar         FSO sample

We have been providing quality, developmentally appropriate products for 20 years. Our development team has over 100 years combined experience in the early childhood education industry.

This blog will feature the members of our development team, as well as guest writers to provide you with relevant information, fun ideas, and more!  We always welcome your feedback and would love to hear what you’re experiencing and learning. Please email us at funshine@funshineexpress.com with any thoughts.

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