Foster Emotional Growth

by Kelley Jilek

A child’s ability to manage feelings, understand the feelings of others, and interact positively with others can affect all areas of his or her life. Such skills determine how stressful situations are handled in adulthood. The following tips can help children learn about feelings and how to manage them in socially acceptable ways.

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Talking about Death with Children

by Katie Brazerol

Memorial day cemeteryMany people will be honoring loved ones who have passed away this Memorial Day. However, many people hesitate to discuss death with children. While the topic can be uncomfortable, death is something everyone must face.

When discussing death with a child, first find out what he or she knows. Many children have misconceptions, fears, and worries surrounding the concept of death. While talking about it may not solve all their problems, you may be able to provide information, comfort, and a clearer understanding of what death means.

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