Charlie’s Cues: Using the Alphabet Word Cards

The sounds, words, songs, rhymes, and illustrations children are exposed to influence the ways they speak and communicate. This is why an environment rich in writing, letters, and vocabulary offers them the opportunity to develop strong language skills.

The Fireflies curriculum, for ages 3-5, becomes part of building a writing-rich classroom by including Alphabet Word Cards as part of your monthly kit. The cards show the letters that will be taught that month, accompanied by illustrations. Each month the letters taught are different but the purpose behind the cards is the same: to help children acquire vocabulary, learn new letters and their sounds, encourage repetition, and familiarize children with and help them become comfortable with using new words.

Benefits of Using Word Cards in Your Setting

Studies confirm that a classroom rich in literature results in children with an optimal level of language development, communication, and reading comprehension. A print-rich environment makes children feel comfortable speaking, repeating words, and learning new words, as it gives them the ability to better understand songs, rhymes, and riddles.

Cues for Including Word Cards in Your Daily Routine

  1. Gather the word cards to create a “word album.” You can label it and add it to your school library for children to freely browse.
  2. Play a game called “I say, you say.” The children would have to say a word with the letter being taught or repeat after hearing you say one. The word can be real, made up, or repeated from one of the word cards.
  3. Write the Alphabet Word Card words on sticky notes. Encourage children to match the sticky notes with the cards.

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