Learning Through Infant Care Routines: Feeding

Infants have daily needs that need to be met for them to learn, develop positive attachment to primary caregivers, and know they will be loved and taken care of. Most of these needs revolve around basic care routines. The FunShine Express Buttercups Babies kits were designed to incorporate activity ideas into these care routines to create meaningful interactions each day.


Feeding is a regular occurrence in infant settings. The youngest infants in your care will depend on formula or breast milk for nutrition. As infants grow older, their pediatrician and parents will likely develop a plan for introducing purees, soft foods, and solids. Afterwards, many infants will need to be burped, and some may experience gas or stomach pains, depending on their developing digestive system. Having a few simple activities associated with feeding time can be helpful.

Buttercups Babies provides activities for feeding time. Below are some suggestions from each box you might try. Make choices based on each infant’s age, developmental level, and interests. Some activities will be best done while waiting for food or a bottle to warm up, and others will be best done after the feeding has occurred. You can set the card near your rocking chair, table, or another area where you frequently feed infants to refer to as needed. Repeat the activities often. Each baby will likely prefer different activities, so make notes about which ones to repeat with each baby.

My World

  • Card 4: I Am Special
  • Card 16: My Sunshine – play song while rocking and giving bottle
  • Card 26: I’m Growing
  • Card 34: Smell the Kitchen – smell spices before or after feeding
  • Card 52: How Are You Today? – before and after feeding as emotions might change with being fed

On the Go

  • Card 1: On the Go – read before or after feeding
  • Card 3: Key Sounds – instead of laying down, hold in lap and play before or after feeding
  • Card 44: Bicycle
  • Card 67: Wheel Snacks

Pets I Know

  • Card 18: The Burp Song
  • Card 19: I Need You
  • Card 23: Kicking Legs
  • Card 28: Do You Know? – play while waiting for a bottle/food or after feeding
  • Card 51: Where’s Your…?
  • Card 54: Hungry Pets – play before feeding to help baby get ready to eat
  • Card 64: Toes and Tummies

Find more activities for care routines:

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