Learning Through Infant Care Routines: Diaper Changes

Infants have daily needs that need to be met for them to learn, develop positive attachment to primary caregivers, and know they will be loved and taken care of. Most of these needs revolve around basic care routines. The FunShine Express Buttercups Babies kits were designed to incorporate activity ideas into these care routines to create meaningful interactions each day.

Diaper Changes

Diaper changes happen many times throughout the day. As a care provider, some days you might feel like this is all you do. Some days you change a wet diaper and three minutes later the same baby has a bowel movement. Or you are in the middle of playing on the floor, and you notice the baby you are playing with has had a blowout, and you have to stop the activity for a diaper and outfit change. Use diaper changes, whether planned or unplanned, as a learning moment. Incorporating activities and fun interactions into diaper changes can engage a baby’s growing brain and social skills during this frequent care routine.

Buttercups Babies has many activities that you can use during diaper changes. Below are some suggestions you might try for each themed box. Make choices based on each infant’s age, developmental level, and interests. You can set the card near your diaper changing area to refer to as needed. Repeat the activities often. Each baby will likely prefer different activities, so make notes about which ones to repeat with each baby. If an activity includes a toy, plan to repeat the activity and use the toy after the diaper change is complete.

My World

  • Card 13: Ten Special Babies – sing the song during diaper change, play with mirror afterwards
  • Card 18: My Feet
  • Card 19: Pat-a-Cake
  • Card 20: This Little Piggy
  • Card 28: No One Like Me – sing the song during diaper change
  • Card 41: Where, Oh Where? – sing the song during diaper change and point to body part, play with mirror afterwards
  • Card 50: My Turn, Your Turn – do actions/movements during diaper change, and play with toys afterwards
  • Card 63: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

On the Go

  • Card 6: Up and Down
  • Card 38: Who Rides? – sing the song without toys as you pretend to drive a car
  • Card 44: Bicycle
  • Card 47: Wheels on the Bus – sing the song during diaper change

Pets I Know

  • Card 4: Did You Ever See a Lassie? – sing the song and play with toy afterwards
  • Card 11: Five Little Kittens – sing the song without toy kittens
  • Card 17: Kitty Toes – sing the song as you touch each toe during diaper change, repeat activity afterwards using the kitty
  • Card 23: Kicking Legs – do the activity without kitty during diaper change
  • Card 51: Where’s Your…? – use without kitty during diaper changes

Find more activities for care routines:

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