If You’re Happy and You Know It

by Katie Brazerol

Have you ever read the book If You’re Happy and You Know It by Jan Ormerod? I absolutely love this book. It’s not one of the more well-known classics, but it was always one my favorites to read to the kiddos in my child care.

With cute, bright illustrations, the read-aloud story starts out as if it will use the lyrics from the traditional song. However, the children will soon realize that the book has a twist. I always chose to change my voice for each character (the laughing hyena was my personal best!) and the kids were always hysterically giggling by the end. We know that research shows how great repetition is for learning. In this case, I love that the change of wording helps children recall the original words. It also teaches them that sometimes putting a twist on an old classic can give it new life! Find the book on Amazon.com or check it out at your local library for your next storytime. You won’t be disappointed!

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