The Great Sunscreen Experiment

by Katie Brazerol

Sunscreen-ExperimentAhhh….summer is here, and the days are hot and sunny. Grab your swimsuit, towel, flip-flops—and wait! Don’t forget the sunscreen! (Insert children’s groans here.)

Do you struggle with getting the children in your care to wear sunscreen on a consistent basis? Perhaps they aren’t aware of how helpful sunscreen can be. While being in the sunshine has many benefits for our minds and bodies, its powerful UV (ultra violet) rays can damage our skin. Try this experiment so they can get a first-hand look at exactly how sunscreen protects our skin from the sun.

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Preventing Injuries

7 Summer Safety Tips
by Kelley Jilek

Summer is the most fun, but also the most dangerous, time of year for children. The majority of emergency room visits for kids take place during summer months when children have an increased amount of free time to spend in active play, much of it outdoors and often near water. Follow these tips to help prevent summer injuries:

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Tips for a Safe Summer

by Judy Mullican

Safe summer-playing with ballWhen the summer sun is shining, your little ones will be anxious to be outside. Spending time outdoors offers young children a chance to explore nature firsthand, exercise large muscles, and get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun. Just remember a few simple precautions to make sure the children stay safe:

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