Early Literacy – Language Development

by Kelley Jilek

Real People: Black African American Mother Talking with Toddler BoyLiteracy development for preschool children is an important part of providing appropriate early learning experiences. Research has shown repeatedly that literacy is a foundation for all learning and that careful consideration must be given to the types of activities and experiences offered to children in support of this. There are numerous ways to encourage and enhance literacy, particularly through language development, reading, and writing.

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New Places, New Faces

by Kelley Jilek

new places-huggingNew situations mean change, which can be hard for many (young, as well as older) people to cope with. However, if the new situation is welcoming, we experience less anxiety and stress, which makes it easier for us to adjust. This is especially true for young children. Any kind of transition can be difficult for them. This includes separating from loved ones at the start of the day, moving to a new facility, or even transitioning to a different classroom within a facility. Infants, toddlers, and preschool children have limited coping skills, so it is up to the adults in their lives to help them.

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