Fostering Children’s Social and Emotional Growth

Real People: Black African American Mother Talking with Toddler BoyA child’s ability to manage feelings, understand the feelings of others, and interact positively with others can affect all areas of his or her life. Research shows that children with good mental health are happier, motivated, interested in learning, and develop healthy relationships with their peers and adults. A child’s ability to develop strong social-emotional skills determines how well he or she will handle stressful situations during adulthood. Use the following tips to support children in identifying and managing feelings.

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Coping with Childhood Fears

by Kelley Jilek

Fears are normal in childhood; they develop for several reasons. Young children have a difficult time distinguishing between things that are real and things that are not. Add that to their vivid imaginations, what they have seen on TV and other media, and experiences that have caused them real fear (being lost, being hurt, etc.), and you have all the factors necessary for fears to develop.

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