Learning Through Infant Care Routines: Naps

Infants have daily needs that need to be met for them to learn, develop positive attachment to primary caregivers, and know they will be loved and taken care of. Most of these needs revolve around basic care routines. The FunShine Express Buttercups Babies kits were designed to incorporate activity ideas into these care routines to create meaningful interactions each day.

Naps and rest time

Naps and rest happen often throughout the day for infants.  The youngest infants in your care may sleep and rest more than older infants. However, young infants who are just starting in child care may have trouble resting with the sounds, cries, and activities of the other children around them. White noise, soothing lullabies and soft music, and creating a peaceful sleeping area can all help infants get the rest they need. Having a few simple activities associated with nap and rest time can be helpful.

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