FunShine Tells: Strengthening Storytime

Storytime has always been one of my favorites, both as a mom and as a teacher. I have always been passionate about seeing the children’s faces as they prepare and calm down to listen to the story. I wonder what children are thinking. Are they wondering what the story is about? Are they curious to learn about the characters? I have always thought that there are many hidden emotions in storytime. While one might think that more active activities might be children’s favorites, story time has its own special charm.

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Early Literacy – Language Development

by Kelley Jilek

Real People: Black African American Mother Talking with Toddler BoyLiteracy development for preschool children is an important part of providing appropriate early learning experiences. Research has shown repeatedly that literacy is a foundation for all learning and that careful consideration must be given to the types of activities and experiences offered to children in support of this. There are numerous ways to encourage and enhance literacy, particularly through language development, reading, and writing.

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8 Fun Ways to Use Pumpkins

by Judy Mullican

A sure sign that fall has arrived is the appearance of pumpkins! Piles of colorful pumpkins are now displayed at produce stands, supermarkets, and other vendors. Many homes have festive displays of pumpkins, scarecrows, autumn leaves, and more. Pumpkins not only make great fall decorations, they can serve as a springboard to many fun learning activities. Here are a few to try!

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