Our Multicultural World

by Judy Mullican

Preschoolers with teacher sitting at table in classroomThe days are rapidly disappearing when all the children in a child care setting share the same culture and language. Families often move from one part of the country to another or from one country to another to find work. Other families move to new places to find a safer environment, to participate in educational opportunities, or for other reasons. When children enter child care or educational settings in their new communities, they can face many challenges:

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Good Manners Matter

by Kelley Jilek

Good manners play an important role in your child’s success in social relationships. However, children are not born with good manners! It’s up to parents and other adults to teach and reinforce them. With these tips in mind and by practicing plenty of patience, you will find that over time, your children will become respectable young people.

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