FunShine Tells: Why, When, and How to Individualize

Individualization is a way to personalize or adapt the way we teach something to make it fit a child’s need or interest. By individualizing, we are redesigning a teaching strategy to make learning easier and more effective for a student or a small group of students who need more time, more information, or have some other interests or needs that cannot be covered as the activity was first designed.

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Scaffolding: One Way to Individualize Instruction

by Debbie Keiser

What happens when a child is not ready for a skill he experiences in the classroom? In most situations, the teacher provides assistance, perhaps by modeling, giving hints, or directly teaching the skill. This is called scaffolding. Many states are revising their standards for birth to five with increasingly difficult indicators to be mastered. Providers using state standards as a basis for creating lesson plans are challenged to find ways to scaffold these skills so children are adequately prepared for kindergarten. More and more pressure is falling on teachers to make sure children are meeting these stringent guidelines.

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