Vegetable Recipes for Preschoolers

Healthy food choices can’t start early enough. If children participate in the preparation of meals, they are more likely to eat the foods. Other tips to get your little ones to enjoy vegetables include familiarity, satiety value, social context, modeling, and “hiding” vegetables. You can learn more about these tips here.

Try these fun vegetable recipes that children can help you make!

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Cooking with Kids

Imagine having your teaching setting filled with delicious scents and seeing your children willingly dig into healthy foods. How can you make this happen? One of the best ways is to offer healthy cooking experiences. Whether you work in family care, a child care facility, or even a public school, there are many ways you can make cooking a part of your day.

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Healthy Sna­­cks, Healthy Kids

by Kelley Jilek

Adorable Preschooler Eating SnacksYoung children need snacks; they aren’t able to go as long as adults without eating. When they do eat a meal, they can only eat a little at a time. Snacks help them meet their daily caloric and nutritional needs. Now is the time to instill a taste for a variety of foods so your child will be set for a lifetime of healthy eating. Here are some tips for providing healthy snacks:

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