Halloween Guide

Tips for celebrating Halloween, plus alternate ideas for Fall celebrations!
by Judy Mullican

Believe it or not, it’s time for Halloween again! I shared some thoughts on this last year, but here is an update with some new recipes and ideas! Some programs include Halloween and others don’t. How do you decide?

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20 Things to Do before Summer Ends

by Katie Brazerol

sisters in a museumI was recently approached by a child care provider in my neighborhood, and she said she’s been struggling this summer to find things to do to keep the children in her care, especially the older ones, from fighting and exclaiming, “I’m bored!”

Although most of us look forward to summer, the change in routine can be tough on children. The structure of the day is often more relaxed in the summer, creating a challenge for children who become bored easily. Here is a list of ideas for you to try in your setting. Hopefully a few of them are new to you!

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