Vibrant and Sweet: Celebrating Diwali

by Teresa Narey

Introduction and Background

A quick Internet search for Diwali (pronounced dee-VAH-lee) yields many results that compare this Indian holiday to Christmas. While the bright colors and flowers associated with India’s most cherished festival may not immediately draw up images of a snowy Christmas, its emphasis on sweets, gift-giving, and spirituality will certainly resonate with you.

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Tips and Tricks for an Organized Learning Space

by Judy Mullican

A Place for Everything: Organizing the whole learning space at once can be a big task, but it’s much easier if you tackle it by working on one area at a time. Involve the children so they feel ownership of the space. If you are working with a large group of children, divide them into smaller groups and let each group Educational Blocksorganize one learning area. With smaller groups, everyone can work together to organize one area at a time. Sit in the space with the children and discuss any problems they have encountered using the materials. Are any materials hard to find? Are some things hard to reach? Do some of the materials tend to get mixed together? Work together to create a plan for organizing the materials in the space. Once the materials are in place, make labels to help everyone remember where each material belongs. Let the children help with creating the labels. They can take photos of the materials, cut pictures from catalogs, or make drawings. Laminate the pictures or cover them with clear contact paper. Attach them to the bins or shelves where the materials belong. Now when the children clean up, it will be easy to see where each material belongs.

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