FunShine Tells: 5 Tips for a Successful Year

A new school year has started and along with that, all of the organizing and prepping of the classroom. As a former teacher, I know firsthand that this is one of the most exciting times for teachers. With their children in mind, teachers plan everything that pertains to their classroom: toys, teaching props, wall colors, décor, etc. There are always lots of surprises, changes, and challenges throughout the school year. With that said, the following five tips can help you start on the right foot and set you up for a successful year. 

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How to Incorporate Cooking in Your Classroom

by Patricia Dietz

Children are naturally curious and love hands-on learning through multiple senses. A great way to encourage more hands-on learning is through cooking in the classroom. Cooking with young children has many benefits for early learning and development, such as fostering early math skills, increasing fine motor skills, developing language and literacy development, engaging the senses, promoting healthy eating, and connecting cultures. Here are some tips and recipe ideas to help you get started with cooking in your classroom.

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