4 Habits for Maintaining Positive Family Relationships

by Katie Brazerol

Early childhood education is a people profession. Educators are in constant collaboration, whether it’s with fellow educators, parents, guardians, and of course, the children they teach. It’s human nature not to see eye to eye with those around us on occasion. And in a field like early childhood, where educators are responsible for knowing the distinct needs of each child and family they serve, maintaining positive relationships is essential. Common issues in child care often take place when providers and families aren’t on the same page. Utilizing these four easy steps will go a long way to ensuring your relationships with families stay on track:

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Supporting Superhero Play

cabin-fever-superheroesEarly childhood educators know the importance of pretend play in children’s lives. The sociocultural theorist Lev Vygotsky purported that when children are engaged in pretend play, they demonstrate and act out skills they have learned, often before demonstrating those skills in other learning areas. It’s knowing this that brings about concern regarding superhero play: Just what are children processing when they engage in play that is physical or aggressive?

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