STEAM Series: Exploring E

The E in STEAM

The E in STEAM stands for Engineering. Engineering in STEAM helps little ones learn how and why things work. Simple engineering concepts include learning cause and effect, creating, building, and problem-solving. Create an environment that is rich in a variety of materials. Some possible building materials to incorporate into your setting are wooden blocks in various sizes, cloth blocks, cardboard boxes, paper and plastic cups, bowls and plates, nesting cups, baking sheets, and cardboard tubes from paper towels or wrapping paper. Provide assorted toys such as balls, cars, and animals. When looking for materials to bring out, think about ones that are safe, open-ended, and can be combined with other materials/toys.

Here are 7 easy Engineering ideas to incorporate into your setting:

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DIY Cubes For Dice or Blocks

by Katie Brazerol

Here’s a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to make large dice for games and math activities! Although dice can be beneficial for counting games, they are often difficult for young children to hold. In addition, young children who are just beginning to use one-to-one correspondence in counting may not be ready to count up to six dots. Standard-size dice also fit in a choke tube, making them a potential choking hazard. Here is a way to make your own cubes that are easier for young hands to handle, and—best of all—you can control the numerals or number of dots!

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