WOYC Work Together Wednesday: Tower Game

Teamwork is an important skill to develop. When we work with others, we learn to problem solve, value opinions, socialize, respect, value, and trust each other. On this Work Together Wednesday try an activity that uses both fine and gross motor skills in a way that encourages group participation and ensures everyone is an equally important part of the game.

Use cardboard boxes to create a jumbo version of the game Jenga®. You can use shoe boxes wrapped in butcher paper or use large rectangular-shaped foam blocks for younger children. On small pieces of paper, write simple movements, such as jumping, running, crawling, galloping, squats, clapping, etc. Attach a piece of paper to each block. Invite children, one at a time, to take a block out of the tower. As the children take the blocks out, read the attached papers, and invite them to follow the suggested movements. Remind the children that they will be working together as a team by taking the blocks out of the tower slowly and gently, performing the fun movements, and preventing the tower from falling!

When the tower falls, continue encouraging teamwork by inviting all the children to place the blocks on top of one other, in rows of three, to build the tower again and continue playing. Offer this activity and other group activities to promote a cooperative and supportive environment among the children.

Make sure to share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #WOYC23.

This year, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrates WOYC from April 1-7. We’re sharing activities to help you commemorate the exciting week with the children and families you serve. Click to find activities for each themed day:

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