WOYC Family Friday: Shared Reading

Today, let’s celebrate families, their commitment, and the way they integrate into their children’s school environment. Family Friday is all about honoring families, finding ways to engage with them, and including them in educational activities.

Invite the children’s families to participate in shared reading. Choose a storybook the children enjoy. Divide the reading among the parents, assigning a portion of the story for each family to read aloud and act out. As families read and interact with each other, consider taking pictures.

Conclude the activity by thanking the families and talking about the importance of inclusion and partnership between families, educators, and children. Print and display the photos in a place where parents and children can cherish and continue to remember the fun experience of this Family Friday together as a community.

Make sure to share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #WOYC23.

This year, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrates WOYC from April 1-7. We’re sharing activities to help you commemorate the exciting week with the children and families you serve. Click to find activities for each themed day:

Music Monday
Tasty Tuesday
Work Together Wednesday
Artsy Thursday

One thought on “WOYC Family Friday: Shared Reading

  1. I really do like this time of the year while working with children. So much is shared with both facilitators and children. The creativity and skills on both sides really do come out each day during The Week of the Young Child.


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