WOYC Artsy Thursday: Making a Mural

Art invites us to let out our creativity and imagination. Throughout life, creating marks, writing, drawing, and putting together art pieces to create a masterpiece represents what we think, feel, or have inside. Artsy Thursday gives you the opportunity to do just that—explore materials, get inspired, and work with your children to create a unique art piece.

Gather nontraditional art supplies; set aside the use of paint, paintbrushes, or crayons! Look for different textures of paper, cotton balls or pads, poms, buttons, bottle caps, child-safe scissors, sponges, etc. Always keep in mind that the materials may vary according to the age of the children in your group.

Divide this art activity into two parts:

  1. Place all the materials in front of the children. They will be able to discover what to make with the materials, such as crumpling, folding, tearing, and cutting paper, cutting sponges into different shapes, attaching bottle caps together, etc.
  2. Place butcher paper on a wide wall, at the children’s level. Invite them to attach the materials to the paper. As the children work, describe the pieces that are being added to the mural, either by talking about their colors, the type of material, or its texture, size, or shape.

Observe and appreciate the mural together. Help the children notice how this piece of art is different than others they may have created before. This art has texture and dimension. This is art that comes out of the wall, made with pieces they worked with; art made with their own hands, wonderful minds, and endless creativity!

Make sure to share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #WOYC23.

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