FunShine Tells: 5 Tips for a Successful Year

A new school year has started and along with that, all of the organizing and prepping of the classroom. As a former teacher, I know firsthand that this is one of the most exciting times for teachers. With their children in mind, teachers plan everything that pertains to their classroom: toys, teaching props, wall colors, décor, etc. There are always lots of surprises, changes, and challenges throughout the school year. With that said, the following five tips can help you start on the right foot and set you up for a successful year. 

1. Clear Labeling

Consider the use of pictures, bold letters, symbols, and bilingual words to label all areas in your classroom. Children will better learn the different areas of the classroom if they are well labeled and separated from each other. 

2. Structure

Help children understand there is time to do almost everything in the classroom. Explain to them that they will have enough time to explore all of the areas at a safe, supervised, and scheduled time.  

3. Classroom Rules and Expectations

As you encourage children to be an active part of the daily activities, encourage collaborative tasks, such as cleaning the classroom and taking good care of personal and group materials.

4. Positive Environment

Model good behavior and a positive attitude for children. The use of good manners, a soothing tone of voice when redirecting, and an approachable attitude will make children feel welcome and safe in your classroom. As a result, they will likely mimic your behavior with their peers and familiar adults. 

5. Classroom Set Up

A good classroom atmosphere can impact children’s behavior and learning experience. Choose light colors, such as white or cream. Set up displays and labels at the children’s level, and rotate and sort toys and props by themes, seasons, or special holidays. 

Be sure to make each day in your classroom count. Every smile, milestone, nice word, or those hugs that catch you off guard are the strength that makes us do what we do and be the best at it. Best wishes in this new school year!  

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