FunShine Tells: The Purpose Behind Creative Arts

It is well known that children are interested in colors, textures, shiny objects, etc. These materials arouse curiosity in them and a desire to explore in depth. This is why crafts and different expressions of art tend to be attractive activities for children. But what is the purpose behind art and those shiny colors? What is behind those interesting textures and materials? 

Arts and crafts awaken creativity, ideas, strategies, and ways of thinking in children that help them see the ideas in their minds become a tangible reality. From the moment a child is presented with all these materials, guided by ideas and suggestions, and the moment the child holds the first material, say a crayon, a pom, or a piece of paper, their brain gets stimulated, sending and receiving multiple messages that prompt them to create. 

As adults in charge, we tend to focus on the final product, how perfect or beautiful the project will be, or how messy it will be. However, there is much more to the creative process. The process of creating crafts and doing art projects has many benefits, including the following:

  • Reinforcement of fine motor skills through the use of scissors, crayons, paintbrushes, etc.
  • Ability to focus
  • Determination to start and finish a task
  • Pride in artistic work and expression
  • Empathy when appreciating others’ artwork
  • Problem-solving and thinking by tackling challenges
  • Friendship when assisting a friend by sharing materials or offering ideas
  • Using and taking good care of materials
  • Scientific thinking through sensory experiences and exploration
  • Math awareness through the exploration of sizes, shapes, numbers, etc.

Crafts and art projects enable children to enjoy the process from start to finish. Children feel creative, motivated, and capable of challenging themselves based on their own findings and abilities. The goal is for children to enjoy and explore art as a way of learning and as a way to express themselves freely. As caregivers and adults, we provide the materials and offer guidance; children will take care of the rest. 

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