FunShine Tells: Why Use Curriculum?

Nursery children playing with teacher in the classroom

Running a preschool or childcare center can bring excitement, gratification, and joy as well as uncertainty and challenges. Starting from the moment that first idea sparks until you finally see it come true, one of the best tools to have on hand is the support of an educational curriculum. The strategies, structure, and interactions between adults and peers provided by the use of an educational curriculum in a child’s first years of learning is proven to form a student who not only will enjoy the learning process in the preschool years, but also in school years to come.


The use of an educational curriculum in a childcare or preschool setting can:

  • Help you have clear standards and expectations about where your children are developmentally.
  • Support you with assessment, evaluation, and goals.
  • Provide guidance for both group activities and individualization.
  • Offer tips and opportunities for family engagement.
  • Include age-appropriate and child-centered daily activities.
  • Make it easy to set up a routine and schedule that children will learn and enjoy.
  • Support access to professional development so you can further your goals and knowledge.


At FunShine Express, we understand the importance of high-quality educational curriculum, and we are committed to being part of your journey by offering a research-based curriculum that adjusts to your needs, children’s needs, state standards, and even your budget! We also offer tutorials and trainings that are always available for you!Fireflies Unboxing Thumbnail

Facilitating the work of teachers and giving them the opportunity to focus their time and energy on working directly with children is the number one priority of our curriculum. From displays for your classroom setup, to enrichment materials, to a Curriculum Guide with easy-to-follow activities, and transition ideas, we have your curriculum needs covered. The use of a curriculum gives the children in your care the opportunity to be exposed from an early age to quality education, consistency in daily routine, the gift of having an adult ready to engage and create memories that will stay with them (and with you!) forever.

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