Charlie’s Cues: Using the Search and Find

To keep the attention of infants and toddlers, interactions usually have to be entertaining, engaging, and include items of interest. Young children enjoy searching for hidden things, following lights and sounds, and looking at images with bright colors and patterns. These types of activities prompt children to explore and grow curiosity in them. This is why we are including a new component in our bimonthly Buttercups kit, the Search and Find Piece. As always, I am writing to help you understand our featured component’s use, benefit, and how to adapt it in different areas of your classroom and routine.

In the Winter Search and Find Piece found in Nov/Dec Buttercups, children are encouraged to search for the shape of the month, the star. While they search for the star, children can also appreciate a wintry scene, review the shape name in English and their home languages, and appreciate other picture features, such as the night sky, the moon, trees, snow on the ground, etc.

Benefits of Using the Search and Find Piece in Your Setting

The Search and Find Pieces will gradually challenge children throughout the year. They can also be used to work one on one with children, bond with them, and engage with them. The continued use of this component will support children’s language development and strengthen memory skills by reviewing monthly concepts.

Cues for Including the Search and Find Piece in Your Daily Routine

  1. Add to the activity by making up a short story based on the picture. You may want to add toy people or toy animals that go well with your story.
  2. Use the piece as a transition tool. Each child can have a turn to search for an object in the picture before moving on to the next activity.
  3. Collect the Search and Find Pieces throughout the school year. Place them in a box or a binder. Encourage children to find real life items that match with or can be compared to some items in the pictures.

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