Charlie’s Cues: Explore What’s New!

Let’s talk a little about what’s new! New are the children who will arrive at your center this fall. New is their energy and desire to learn. New will be the games, songs, and stories, and new will be the love that each child awakens in the heart of a teacher. New are the emotions that the beginning of a school year brings for children and parents, as well as for teachers and other members of the school staff. And all of us at FunShine Express know and understand that. Every year, we prepare, meet as a staff, and educate ourselves to offer all of our customers fresh and new material to use during the school year! I invite you to continue reading to see “What’s New” in your Fireflies and Buttercups kits for 2021.

New in Fireflies

This year, the Fireflies preschool curriculum kit includes a Welcome Display, Name Tags, and Math Counters. You’ll find the Welcome Display and Math Counters in the Starter Pack, and theme-inspired Name Tags in each Teacher Pack.

  • The Welcome Display and Name Tags will help children build name recognition, as well as reinforce letter names and sounds. It will also prompt them to learn the names of classmates who are present as they sing the accompanying welcome song each morning.
  • The Math Counters are a set of 20 colorful miniature bears that are used to introduce the numbers of the month. They can also be used to create color patterns, for sorting, and to explore the concepts of adding and subtracting.

New in Buttercups

New to Buttercups, our two-month toddler curriculum kit, are the Squeeze & Stack Blocks and the Alphabet Display, both included in the Starter Pack.

  • The Squeeze & Stack Blocks are soft, colorful textured blocks with animal and number designs for children to squeeze and stack as they wish. The blocks are used in different domains in the curriculum guide, as well as in infant activities, group activities, and during free play.
  • The Alphabet Display and its pieces contribute to building a print-rich environment. Through activities provided in the curriculum guide, children will be able to appreciate graphics related to the letters of the month, practice pronunciation, and trace them based on their own fine motor development.

We invite you to follow our monthly blog posts to learn more about the components found in our curricula, understand the use and purpose behind them, and learn tips for how to implement them in your daily routine. Use these blogs posts as a way to continue to familiarize yourself with our curriculum or as a tool for professional development during staff meetings.

We’re wishing you an amazing school year!

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