Storytime Spotlight: Baby Animals

We are on cuteness overload with the Buttercups Book of the Month, Baby Animals! The May themes are all about growing up and we found a nonfiction book showing adult animals and their babies. The full-color photographs capture lions, ducks, cats, dogs, horses, and elephants as adults and babies.

This sturdy board book is repetitive, making it perfect for older toddlers to predict the text on each page. Infants and younger toddlers will learn the vocabulary for new animals. As an added bonus, Baby Animals teaches new vocabulary for older children by showing that we have different words for some baby animals. Older toddlers may even want to extend the activity by asking questions about other animals and their babies. Be prepared to help them research to find the answers to their questions!

Baby Animals provides a nice mix of domestic and wild animals. You may want to help children “sort” the animals by ones that could be pets, and ones we might see at the zoo or in the wild. This discussion will be interesting. While a lion cub is cute and cuddly looking as a baby, they grow up to be quite large and can be dangerous! Most horses are domesticated, but most people do not live in an area where it is feasible to keep a horse.

This book also provides a springboard to conversations about what kinds of things each animal eats and where they live, especially if you have a mixed age group of children with preschoolers. After listening to the book, your preschoolers may be able to “read” the book to their younger friends!

We hope you enjoy May’s Book of the Month as much as we do! If you did not purchase the Teacher Pack for May, you can purchase your own copy of Baby Animals from a variety of sources. The ISBN number is: 978-1-74211-474-3.

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