Storytime Spotlight: Garden Rhymes

After the winter we’ve had here in North Dakota and other parts of the country, there’s no doubt in our minds that everyone is ready for spring! One way to celebrate the coming of spring is by sharing the board book, Garden Rhymes, with infants and toddlers during this month’s Buttercups themes.

Children will enjoy the delightful photographs of sewn fabric images that bring springtime to life as they listen to the rhyme and rhythm of seven classic nursery rhymes. The images appear three-dimensional and all capture the essence of the words on the page. Daffodils, bees, flowers, and a contrary Mary will greet children on the colorful pages of this book.

We asked the writing team why this book was chosen for April and received this response from Patricia, our Buttercups curriculum writer:

“We chose the books for our themes during annual planning in spring of last year. This book was so bright and colorful and as I recall, we had a foot of snow outside the day we selected it. The unique media used to create the pictures is stunning and will give teachers lots to talk about with their little ones. The rhymes included in the book are all traditional nursery rhymes and young children will enjoy listening to the rhythm of the language. This book is the perfect addition to the Spring Has Sprung theme.”

If you did not order a Teacher Pack for March and April, you can get your own copy of Garden Rhymes here.

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