Celebrating New Year’s

How do you explain what the New Year holiday is all about to young children? Keep your explanation simple: explain that New Year’s Eve is a holiday that celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of another. Parties and celebrations are held all across the country to welcome the new year! Show the children a calendar from this year and one for next year.

Have fun ringing in the New Year with some of the following activities for young children:

Count DownSeven kids in colorful clothing raising their both hands up

Have children crouch low to the ground with their hands wrapped around their legs. Practice counting backward from 10-1 and pop up from the ground saying “Happy New Year!”

Make New Year’s Punch

Replace soda with sparkling water, and mix with sherbet for a healthier but still delicious drink! Use the children’s favorite flavors for your sparkling water/sherbet combination. Lime sherbet makes a great choice to review December’s color of the month.

Create New Year Party Hats

Cut strips of paper to use as headbands. Have children decorate them as they wish using crayons, markers, or paint. Fit the strips to the children’s heads and tape to secure. Cut paper plates in half to use as decoration for the front of the headband. Decorate with the words “Happy New Year” and the children’s names. Wear them during New Year’s celebrations!

The end of the year is a great time to clean out clothing, books, toys, and other household items. As a group, search through your setting for items that are in good condition. Explain that items no longer utilized might make another child very happy. Place the items in boxes or bags and drop items off at your local donation center.

Set Goals

Explain that a new year is often a time when people set a goal for the coming year. Have children think of something that they would like to learn, and write down their answers to display on a bulletin board. Goals might include learning to write their name, tying shoes, making a new friend, etc. Praise their accomplishments, big or small!

happy-new-year-spotRead Books

Try the books listed below or ask your local librarian for suggestions:

Happy New Year, Spot!
by Eric Hill

The Night Before New Year’s
by Natasha Wing

Happy New Year Everywhere!
by Arlene Erlbach

Sing Songs

Sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
This year’s coming to an end,
To an end, to an end.
Then a new year will begin,
Happy New Year’s Day!

Sung to “Happy Birthday”
Happy Birthday, New Year!
Happy Birthday, New Year!
Happy Birthday, 2018!
Happy Birthday, New Year!

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