Dinosaur Egg Hunt

by Judy Mullican

Do your little ones love dinosaurs? There’s something about these prehistoric creatures that has huge kid-appeal! This fun Dinosaur Egg Hunt activity focuses on exploring big and little dinosaurs and more.

What You’ll Need:

  • Small toy dinosaurs *
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Bowl or plastic tub
  • Spoon
  • Baking sheet
  • Trigger-spray bottles
  • Vinegar

*Caution: If you are working with children under three or older children, who still place toys in their mouth, be sure to choose dinosaurs that are not a choking hazard.

Prepare the dinosaur eggs at least a day ahead of the hunt. Decide how many you will make.

Step 1: Place baking soda in a bowl, allowing enough to cover the dinosaurs. (The amount will vary according to the size and number of dinosaurs you use.)


Step 2: Add some food coloring to tint the mixture. Since the Buttercups curriculum is focusing on the color orange in October, I used orange. But the eggs can be any color. Stir in a little water at a time until the mixture can be molded and will hold its shape.


Step 3: Press the mixture around the dinosaurs to form egg shapes. Spread the eggs out on a baking sheet to dry overnight.


Step 4: Hide the eggs outside. Tell the children that little dinosaurs hatch from eggs. Invite the children to find the orange dinosaur eggs.


Step 5: Once they have found the eggs, spread them out and wonder with the children about what might be inside. The children can try different ways to open the eggs. They may tap them on the sidewalk, squeeze them, or try other methods.


Step 6: If any dinosaurs are still in the eggs, pour vinegar into small spray bottles and invite the children to squirt it on the eggs. The baking soda coating will bubble and dissolve to reveal the dinosaurs.



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