New Curriculum Features for 2016-2017

FunShine Express is always looking for ways to Simplify Your Day. With that goal in mind, we launched our Three Guarantees:

  • Save you one hour per day in prep time
  • Alignment to your state standards
  • Provide you with support and training

You can read more about these guarantees here. Another way we strive to Simplify Your Day, is by making changes and improvements to the components included in our curriculum kits! Check out what is new with our Fireflies® preschool program starting September 2016:

Word Wall
TP-FF-Word-Wall-16-17Word wall words help familiarize children with words that are mentioned frequently throughout a theme. When children see the word next to the picture, they begin to associate the word with the represented object. Previously, these words were offered as a free printable online. This year, they are included in the kit as a full-color component each month!

Nursery Rhyme
TP-FF-LCM-16-17A young child’s ability to rhyme strongly predicts future reading success. When children are able to hear and say rhyming words, their ability to later read new words in the same work family (cat, bat, hat, sat) significantly improves. Nursery rhymes offer opportunities to expose children to rhymes in fun and silly ways. Each month, the Fireflies® kit includes four Learning Center Materials that are theme-related. This year, one of these will be a nursery rhyme page to create an ongoing Nursery Rhyme Book throughout the year!

Character Critter Stick PuppetsTP-FF-Character-Critters-16-17
Last year, our character development included two posters with positive traits. This year, these fun characters are stick puppets to offer more interaction with the children. Use the puppets to introduce the positive character traits each month and then again throughout the month to help lead activities.


We’re excited to introduce the changes to our preschool program for 2016-2017! As always, there are new designs for the Calendar, Weather, and Color/Number/Shape displays. For images and a complete list of items included each month, view our Kit Contents page. You can also view a Sample Day of the program.

Our Buttercups® program for ages 0-3 also includes new designs for the Weather, Color/Shape, and Attendance Chart displays. Check those out here along with the other components included in the bi-monthly kit, and view a Sample Week of the program.

See the 2016-2017 Activity Schedule for a complete list of themes and topics!

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