Building a Honeycomb: Toddler Adaptation

by Katie Brazerol

Our original activity Building a Honeycomb (link here) sparked one of our readers to ask how the activity might work for toddlers. We adapted the activity with Velcro strips for those not ready to use clothespins or paper clips.

Please note: Although hook and Loop fasteners (Velcro) can be expensive, keep in mind that once you make the rings for this project, the activity can be reused over and over again!

What You’ll Need:Honeycomb Toddler1

  • scissors
  • cardboard tubes
  • hook and loop fasteners (Velcro)

Step 1: Recap what a honeycomb looks like. A honeycomb is grouping of wax cells inside a beehive. Explain to the children that you will be making honeycombs using sections of cardboard tubing. Gather cardboard tubes and cut them into approximately 2″ sections.

Honeycomb Toddler2

Step 2: Cut the hook and loop fasteners (Velcro) into strips or pieces, if necessary. (I find that cutting into strips works well so more of the ring is covered. Attach one piece to each ring. If you have strips of Velcro, you can place a hook-side (rough) piece on one ring and the loop side (soft) piece on another ring. If you are using smaller pieces of Velcro, attach three or four pieces to each ring. To keep things simple, I recommend applying only one type (soft or rough) to each ring. This will help the children begin to understand that the soft pieces will only stick to the rough pieces.

Honeycomb Toddler3  Honeycomb Toddler4

Honeycomb Toddler5  Honeycomb Toddler6

(The rings with soft-side Velcro should stick to those with the rough-side Velcro.)

Step 3: Place all the rings on the floor, and invite the children to practice sticking them together. You might want to explain that the pieces with the soft Velcro will stick to the pieces with the rough Velcro. If you used strips or multiple pieces of Velcro on each ring, the children should be able to stick multiple rings together, creating a honeycomb shape!

Honeycomb Toddler7

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