30 Ways to say “Good Job!”

by Katie Brazerol

Give me fiveYoung children need plenty of encouragement when learning new tasks and practicing social roles. It can be difficult to constantly come up with unique words of praise, so we’ve created this list of phrases to use in addition to the words “Good job!”

1. I love to see you practicing!
2. I can see you are really working hard on that.
3. You have improved a lot.
4. I knew you could do it!
5. Congratulations!
6. Don’t give up—it’s looking great!
7. My, you are a fast learner!
8. You should feel proud of yourself.
9. Do you see my smile? That’s because you made me happy!
10. You explained that so clearly! I understand what you mean.
11. I enjoy seeing you succeed!
12. You really make my day fun.
13. I can really tell you are thinking hard.
14. You remembered!
15. You did the right thing.
16. Can you show the others how to do that?
17. What a creative idea!
18. You learned something new today!
19. Wait until I tell your (mom) how great you were today!
20. I enjoy watching you learn.
21. You are thinking like a scientist. You had an idea and you tested it to see if it was right.
22. You put a lot of detail into that picture.
23. That took great imagination!
24. Great teamwork!
25. You were very respectful.
26. Did you notice how happy you made (Abby) feel?
27. You are being a good friend.
28. I like that you are not afraid of trying new things.
29. Thank you for (helping, sharing, using your words, etc.)
30. You did that all by yourself!

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