Just One More Book, Please!

by Katie Brazerol

Teacher reading a book with a class of preschool childrenLike many child care providers, I often found myself snuggling with several children on the couch reading books that each child picked out during child care. Some days, those five or six books felt like a hundred. When I wasn’t feeling well, reading aloud seemed almost impossible.

What can you do to keep that reading going when you just can’t go on yourself? Use an online read-aloud source! There are many to choose from, but a nice site I enjoy is the Just Books Read Aloud web site at justbooksreadaloud.com. This web site allows you to search children’s books by title, author, narrator, reading level, and subject manner. There are even some books available in other languages. Another great perk to using this web site is that there are no ads that pop up on the screen. You literally can choose your book and startmother and baby are looking to play and read tablet computer on the couch at home watching/listening! While kids benefit from the emotional and social aspects of reading with a family member or provider, introducing books in a new way occasionally can renew interest and expose children to diverse narrators. So if you need a break but your kids aren’t ready to quit, give justbooksreadaloud.com a try!

Please note: You should always screen books before sharing them with children to make sure they fit the views and beliefs in your setting.

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