Control and Cleanup of Glitter

by Katie Brazerol

Ugh! The most dreaded art component for most preschool teachers: Glitter! Don’t let glitter get you down. Use these tips and techniques to help keep the mess to a minimum!


  • Pour glitter into salt and pepper shakers. The containers are easy for small hands to hold, and the holes are too small to allow glitter to dump out.
  • Pour glitter into plastic squeeze bottles that contain a tapered opening, such as diner-style mustard and ketchup bottles. Leave about half the bottle empty.
    homemade glitter glue-makeitfrugal

    Cut the tip just a bit larger, and show the children how to squeeze the bottle to force the glitter out.

  • Mix glitter into a bottle of clear-drying liquid glue. Replace the cap and invite the children to squeeze the glitter glue over a project to give it some sparkle.
  • Use one large tub or box for all glitter projects. Sprinkle glitter over projects while they rest in the box. When the box contains a lot of excess assorted glitter, tap the sides to gather it in one corner. Pour the glitter into a recycled container, such as a washed spice container, for future use.


  • Roll a piece of masking tape or packing tape around your fingers, and press the tape over the glitter, stamping it over the surface until the tape picks up most of the glitter.
  • Roll a sticky fabric lint roller over the glittery surface. Or, cover a paint roller with masking tape, sticky-side up.

  • Give the children balls of playdough, and ask them to mold and fold the playdough over the glittery surface. The playdough will pick up the glitter, and now your playdough will have a fun, new glittery look!
  • Baby wipes or a dampened paper towel can be used to wipe up most of the excess glitter that stubbornly remains on a tabletop.

One thought on “Control and Cleanup of Glitter

  1. Thank goodness I found you! In a few days a friend and I are holding a glitter craft class for very senior ladies and I need the simplest possible set up, crafting and clean-up. Thank you for posting!


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