How to Make Yarn Balls

by Katie Brazerol

Although snowball fights can be fun, this time of year can pose an issue for outdoor snow fun. Some areas are too cold to brave the temperatures outside. Other parts of the country don’t receive snow, so they can’t partake, either. Here is a way to bring the excitement indoors without the cold or the mess! Below is a step by step guide for creating yarn balls. They work great as a safe, warm alternative to snowballs. They also work well for any activity that calls for beanbags.

Step 1: Wrap the yarn

yarn balls step 1The more yarn you wrap, the thicker your yarn ball will be. The wider your cardboard, the bigger the ball will be. Here I am using the flap from a FunShine Express box. Simply cut the flap off the box, and wrap the yarn around it several times, as shown. (Note how I am holding the end with my left hand as I wrap.)

Step 2: Slide the yarn

yarn balls step 2

Work both sides of the yarn down the cardboard until you can pull it completely off of the cardboard. Hold it together so it doesn’t unravel. Have another piece of yarn ready to tie around the middle of the yarn.



Step 3: Tying the yarn

yarn balls step 3-1 yarn balls step 3-2

Tie the single piece of yarn around the middle of your yarn clump, and double-knot it so it is tied tightly.

Step 4: Cutting the yarn ball

yarn balls step 4

Find the loop on each side of the tied yarn, and thread your scissors through. Cut until each piece of yarn becomes detached from the loop. Do this for both sides.


Step 5: Cut excess yarn length

yarn balls step 5

After cutting through both loops, shake the yarn ball and look for excess length. (The tied piece of yarn may be longer than the rest of the ball.) Cut off any excess to match the lengths of the rest of the pieces of yarn.

Step 6: Play!

yarn balls step 6

Create several yarn balls to have a safe, indoor snowball fight or use them in place of beanbags for toss games.


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