Five Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day

by Judy Mullican

When the weather outside is dreary, children can get really restless. Here are 5 fun activities to do inside that will banish the rainy day blues:

1. Obstacle Course: Use anything you have available to create a simple obstacle course. Children can crawl between chairs, jump over blocks, climb over cushions, and more!

2. Dance Party: Get out the dress-up clothes and invite children to dress for a party. Then play a lively children’s CD and move to the beat.

3. Take a Train Ride: Line up the chairs to make a train. All aboard! Make train sounds. Talk about where you are going, who you will see, and what you will do.

4. Song Fest: Gather the children and sing their favorite songs. Try different ways to sing! Sing super softly and then in big giant voices. Sing like a duck and quack the words. Think of more fun ways to sing.

Water, Kids and Toys

5. Splish and Splash: Set up a water play area. If you don’t have a water table, any large plastic container will work. Offer children turkey basters, strainers, ladles, bowls, cups, spoons, and more! The children can scoop, stir, pour, and drip to discover ways water moves.

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